game of tock - board game -
   Tock in a Tube,
        Artistic, Original, Ancient and Modern.

        Here are two of my original designs of Tock in a tube : For one Tock the price is £35+ £10 postage (E.U.) (Depending on the rate of echange)
jeu de Tock - missappleray
                                                              Tock  "Breton"
These two models were painted with coloured pencils on wood then varnished.
The designs ally art and the game.
I then scanned the images and printed them on      .

jeu de Tock - missappleray
                                       Tock "Crop Circle"

You have a playing surface of 82 x 61 cm exactly like the wooden version.
This material is waterproof and easy to clean.

I had the idea to put the Tock in a tube for easy transportation so the game
could be played wherever we wanted : outside, in bars, at friends houses.

The tube and the designs give an original character and identity to the game.

Try it..... you'll see.


jeu de Tock Missappleray                                                                   

règles du jeu de Tock - rules of tock          

Each tube contains :               

                   1 pack of 52 cards
                   16 pyramid pieces
                   1 game board 82 x 61 cm
                   The rules in English and French




You can order your Tock in a Tube by clicking


Miss AppleRay - Jeu de Tock -

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